About the Story

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I’m so glad that you are contributing to the UnCommon Christmas Tale! There are a few simple guidelines that I ask of all submittors. All posts must be:

1. “G rated”. This is a story for people of all ages to share.

2. Limited to one paragraph per submission per day. The story will be so much more interesting if it is written by multitudes of people. Invite your friends, neighbors, and Facebook contacts to add to the story too!

2. Positive! Readers should feel happy after reading this story. It’s about Christmas for goodness sake! Think about Santa, kids running through the snow, doing something nice for others, and other happy thoughts.

3. Creative!!! Add something that will make people want to read the story again or recommend it to others. Do you have a website or blog? Put a link to this story so others can see how talented you are!

4. Fun!!!!   Fun for you to write, and fun for others to read. Twists and turns in stories are always interesting. Enjoy and thanks so much for adding to the UnCommon Christmas Tale!

You must register in order to post to (contribute) to the story.

As the editor, I (of course) reserve the right to approve, disapprove, or edit submissions that might not meet the above listed standards. I may even ask you to take another crack at your paragraph. The academic in me may send you a suggestion for revisions.

Thanks again for contributing to the UnCommon Christmas Tale!